Spiritual Living

Articles to help you live life to the fullest, create heart-satisfying relationships, develop your connection with God, explore who you are, and more . . .


Deepen your understanding and strengthen your ability to live what you know, with the help of our free, on-line correspondence courses.

The Essentials of Spirituality — Four essential considerations for anyone interested in spiritual life

Fundamentals of Relationship Success — Five helpful lessons for upleveling your human relationships

Overcoming Reactivity — Eight lessons that will help you overcome the negative reaction patterns that undermine your spiritual well-being and your relationships.

Secrets of Spiritually Effective People — Four empowering considerations on living up to your God-given spiritual potential.

Right Relationship to the Divine — A five week spiritual exercise program that’s light on reading and strong on practicing. Designed to strengthen your relationship to the Divine.

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2 thoughts on “FREE ONLINE COURSES

  1. I have questions prior to starting these courses. I am in a workshop that requires me to spend 1 hour per week (only) for the next year pursuing an outside interest purely for my enjoyment. Do these courses allow me to abide by that requirement?


    • Dear Kathy,

      Our on-line classes do not demand a lot of time. We normally send lessons at two week intervals. Lessons consist of a reading assignment (an article) and a set of questions to answer on your own, and in some cases, a set of exercises which don’t take much time to do. Unless your schedule is very full, you should be able to take one of our on-line classes and still have time to pursue your outside interest.

      I hope that answers your question.


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